Lab Values

The Tenthorey Lab strives to create a respectful, inclusive environment for pursuing two main goals:

(1) well-trained scientists in a strong position to pursue their career goals
(2) exciting, novel, and careful science

To achieve these goals, we hold to the following principles:

We aim to practice respect towards individuals of all backgrounds (gender, race, ethnicity, age, socioeconomic status, etc.). We believe that inclusion and a wealth of voices is both just and can only benefit our creativity and insight.

We actively consider multiple goals while training in the lab, all of which are skills that transcend disciplines and thus set our members up to pursue any of their future science-related goals. We aim to mentor our team members on:

  1. conducting thorough, careful science
  2. following the literature and identifying exciting research avenues
  3. communicating our findings in an accessible and interesting way, and
  4. training for career advancement

We believe that training comes from all levels, and it is not just the PI who can offer advice. We draw from the insight and expertise of all lab members, at all levels, to improve our science and mentoring. We actively attempt to help each other learn as we pursue our individual research goals.

We encourage honest and open discussion about all these goals. We acknowledge when we fail to meet our goals, thank those who give us feedback, and strive to do better.