Hayley Klingenberg

Assistant Research Specialist
Hayley grew up in a military family and moved all over the United States for most of her life. Before starting high school, her family moved to the beautiful San Diego. During this time, Hayley was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases, sparking her interest in science, specifically immunology. Her love for the west coast, and their many gluten free food options, led her to attend UC Davis for undergrad, majoring in Microbiology. The COVID pandemic and some health issues made wet lab research difficult during her four years, but she did some image analysis for a lab working to understand the impacts of sudden oak death in the greater Sacramento area.

Having felt that she did not have enough experience being in a lab, nor did she feel she’d spent enough time on the east coast, Hayley went on to get her master’s in microbiology and immunology at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Hayley spent two years training under Dr. Burns, working on vaccine development targeting the pre-erythrocytic stage of malaria. During this time, her love for immunology, host-pathogen interactions, and her desire to pursue science as a career grew immensely. After two years in the city of brotherly love, home of the cheesesteak, she felt it was time to return to the west coast.

Hayley is continuing to develop her technical skills as well as her ability to effectively communicate research, with loose plans to apply to PhD programs in the future.

In her free time, Hayley enjoys reading, painting, walking/hiking, and going on adventures with her friends. She is always interested in finding a good gluten free bakery or restaurant and trying as many menu items as possible.
[email protected]
Pronouns: she/her