Sadaf Dabiri

Undergraduate researcher
Sadaf is currently navigating the intricate realms of Biology with a focus in Molecular Biology and a minor in Chemistry at the University of San Francisco. Originally from Sacramento, she opted for the familiarity of staying close to home, finding comfort in the lively streets of San Francisco.

Her journey into research began during her junior year when she joined Dr. Tzakaragiz’s lab at USF. Over the past year and a half, she has been contributing to projects investigating the role of DAX-1 in breast cancer progression. This hands-on experience has helped solidify her appreciation for collaborative work and the tangible impact of research.

Immersing herself in the evolving landscape of host-pathogen interactions, Sadaf is interested in the complexities of viruses and innate immunity. Her academic pursuits and research endeavors have ignited a keen interest in the field of Immunology and Microbiology. Sadaf envisions herself gaining more lab experience and possibly pursuing a Ph.D. program, while also remaining open to exploring other avenues as well.

During her downtime, Sadaf enjoys knitting, strolling around Golden Gate Park, and indulging in all the tasty eats the city has to offer.